Blaptica Dubia
Common Name: Guyana spotted roach
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B. Dubia Male

Blaptica Dubia as the common name suggest (Guyana) is from the South America regions, among all roaches could be considered the best choice to be used as feeders. Non-climber, extreme easy to determine sex, males have wings while females have not, high meat-to-shell ratio, plays dead when handle, very little odor if not at all. The downside is that they are not a fast breeder as other species. From 1/8 to 2″ 1/5 inches in size it can meet any lizard, frog and tarantulas taste.

Adult B. Dubia Female

B. Dubia Male

Young nymphs like to burrow under the bedding material, mostly to escape hungry adults looking for an extra source of proteins. In fact this roach requires an high proteins diet, a lack of such nutrient is noticeable when male wings are chewed by other members of the colony, dry cat food or fish flakes provide the right amount of proteins in their diet to keep them away from cannibalism acts.

I personally find B. Dubias extremely pleasurable to keep, sometimes feeling guilty to feed them away to my frogs, despite this, I found myself allergic to some extent to their frass. Some breeders as a matter of fact can confirmed that the dropping from this species can cause small allergies. Something to keep in mind though.

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  • I’m a big fan of dubias, my T’s love them and beside that I started to appreciate them as pets, in some way. Looking forward for this website, I know it’s still under contructions but if I may ask, I’d really like too see lot’s of pictures of lot’s of species, my roach interest is growing and good websites dedicated to roaches aren’t common. Bye

    Comment by Roach Fan 07.27.06 @ 10:25 pm

  • […] Dubia Blaptica Dubia er en flott kakkelakkart som du for kj

    Pingback by F 10.26.09 @ 11:09 pm

  • this things just burrowed in my T enclosures. put one in two A. Versicolors webs and they hung out all day with them… im trying some B. Lateralis once my order comes in.

    Comment by A. Love 11.24.14 @ 7:12 pm

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