Blatta lateralis
Common Name: Turkistan roach
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Classification (simple)
Family: Blattidae
Sub-fam: none
Genus: Blatta

Blatta Lateralis

Climber/Non Climber
Temps °


Blatta Lateralis or Shelfordella Lateralis (S.Tartara – Blattidae) lives in desert and semi-desert areas in the Middle East regions. Introduced in the United States in the late 70′ early 80’s probably by military personnel returned from the already cited regions, today can be found in California , Texas and Arizona. Slightly smaller compare to N. Cinerea with a size range from 22 to 28mm, a clear sexual dimorphism with winged males and wingless female, extremely fast however lacks the capacity to climb glass and smooth surfaces making this roach a tasty snack for our herps. blatta lateralis egg-caseIts speed mirrors its breeding capacities, as opposite to N. Cinerea doesn’t give birth directly to live nymphs but instead encloses about 20-30 eggs inside an ootheca laid every couple of weeks. In captivity eggs hatch circa in 30 to 150 days, factors like temperature, humidity, food and bedding can affect eggs time-span. Nymphs spend 90 to 150 days in this form, adults life span is about 6-12 months.

blatta lateralis groupB. Lateralis as many other roaches feeds on any organic matter, however when utilized as feeders is good rule of thumb to provide the best food source, a mix of dry cat food, bran, corn flour and 3 times a week fresh veggies would suffice. Raising B. Lateralis, as many other roaches, is very simple and any container with good ventilation, i.e a hole on the lid or on the side and hot-glued screen mesh to prevent escapes, can provide a good home for a colony. Some egg cartons and in my case no bedding gave very good results and very ease during cleaning, however with this species some other breeders had success using some sort of bedding like bran, vermiculite or even coconut fiber.

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