Nauphoeta cinerea
Common Name: Lobster roach
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Nauphoeta cinerea, also known as Cinereous Roach or Little Brown Cuban Roach proably is best known as Lobster Roach, has native origins throughout Central and South America, Mexico, Cuba and many other tropical places. Not bigger than 23-30mm can climb smooth surfaces, despite that both males and females have wings the ability to fly is very limited to a goofy attempt usually when dropped.
Very fast breeders and similar in size to crickets, they are the best choice to be used as feeders. A small colony can start from few roaches and reach thousands individuals in little time. They are great climbers but easily contained using Vaseline as described in the “Raising Roaches” article. These roaches if kept in proper condition reach adulthood in about 90 days and then will live another 12-24 months.

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